Shana Schlossberg | Founder & CEO
Shana is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about Hartford’s’ potential. She has 16 years of experience directing a broad
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Samantha Wanagel | General Manager
Samantha is a multi-faceted and courageous leader, oftentimes referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of any group. She is
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Carla Donza I Event & Meeting Manager
Carla has 16 years of event and trade show management experience in the aerospace and movie exhibition industries.  A Hartford
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Chris Dudanowicz I Community and Event Developer
Chris is a creative minded individual passionate about building community around mindfulness, music, and the arts. Founder of Paper Goods
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Rachel Dantess | Director Of Operations at Upward Cities
Rachel sees the beauty in everything, even coding. She has over 7 years of experience in innovative hi-tech companies in
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