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An ESA To Carry With You For Travel - 2022 Guide

People struggling with mental health issues often benefit from an emotional support animal. The doctor may prescribe you an ESA as a part of the therapeutic process. To keep an ESA comfortably without problems you would need to get it approved from a therapist. You can ask your therapist or counselor to issue an emotional support animal letter. If you are facing difficulty in getting a letter let me help clarify the process for you.

Having an ESA would provide you emotional support and companionship that would improve your mental health and the quality of your life. You can keep an ESA along with getting your regular therapy and medications as a part of a holistic treatment plan.

The federal law also recognizes the importance of getting an ESA. You can get many benefits and legal protection to live and travel with your pet if you get the ESA Letter. You can travel with your ESA and various airlines would also accommodate your pet if you have the letter.

You must have a recognized or diagnosable mental health condition that requires you to keep an ESA. To get the ESA letter you need to contact a therapist or mental health counselor to issue it.

Find a therapist to write the ESA letter

First of all, you need to find a licensed health professional such as a doctor, therapist or counselor, psychiatrist, social worker, psychologist, or nurse practitioner that is recognized by the government. The federal law only accepts ESA letters from a registered professional.

The letter has to be written on a proper letterhead and the registration number and date of issue of the license of the therapist has to be mentioned.

The letter should mention that you have a mental health condition that can be improved significantly with the help of an ESA. If you get a letter from an agency or health service that does not meet these criteria your letter would not be recognized.

Some certain rules and procedures must be followed in order to get your ESA letter. You must also qualify as a suitable person for getting the esa letter for housing to keep your pet with you. So let's have a look at the requirements of getting this letter.

Locate an authentic source

You can contact an authentic online service for getting the ESA letter if you do not have a therapist or health provider or you do not have the means to go see a therapist physically, and you are looking for an ESA letter.

You should be careful in identifying an authentic source as many fake companies are working that would not deliver what they promise.

You need to get valid documentation in order to receive all the benefits of the ESA letter from the fair housing rules.

There are some things to look out for when spotting a fake company. If a company is selling certification for your animal, registration, ID card or license, to declare your pet an ESA, then it is deceptive. You do not need to certify or register your pet with any company and it is all a scam to lure you.

You have to just get an ESA letter from your therapist that can be acquired with the help of a legal company. So let’s discuss the ways to spot a legitimate letter and identify online services for getting this letter.

Authentic ESA letter

An authentic letter would contain the following elements

The letterhead and signature of your therapist, the date of issuing

Health professional’s type of license, date of issue, license number, and state

Affirmation of the need for an emotional support animal

The recommendation to get an ESA

The type or breed of ESA does not have to be necessarily mentioned.

Get the letter

If you are seeing a therapist for your mental health support you can ask them for the ESA letter. The therapist would look at your health condition to determine if you really have a condition that impairs your functionality and the quality of your life.

The therapist would also determine if getting the ESA would actually significantly benefit you in some way. After checking if you qualify for the letter, the therapist can issue the recommendation. It is not a prescription, rather a recommendation that you should get it as a part of your therapy.

Some people might find it difficult to see a therapist or ask the therapist for a recommendation. They feel insecure talking about the subject and may be unable to get the letter for themselves. They may also feel insecure about getting rejected or judged.

Do not be scared and don’t overthink this process as it is truly simple and easy. You can get an ESA letter easily if you are the right candidate.

If for any reason you are unable to reach a therapist or if your therapist does not have expertise in the area, you can reach out to a health professional from any state! As the ESA comes under federal law, you can get your letter issued online from any state.

You have to just reach out to an authentic service that has customer support online. They would take your personal information on a questionnaire that would be kept strictly confidential. They would contact a therapist for you and the therapist might reach out to you for a call. Then the therapist would determine if you are eligible and email the ESA letter to you.

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